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Unique Pittsburgh Coffee Shops

Unique Pittsburgh Coffee Shops

Coffee is one of the vices that's keeping people going during the year that is 2020. For under $5 we can all have a little bit of normalcy, right? And everyone has a favorite go-to spot for a jolt of caffeine - whether it's a nationwide chain or a hipster haven. Thank goodness the folks at discovertheburgh.com have done the leg work and tried 36 unique coffee shops in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas - each with it's own distinct vibe. If we did that, we wouldn't sleep until next June but we do have some favorites that made the list. Adda Coffee and Tea House has three locations - Shadyside, Northside, Garfield. The Shadyside location is just a stone's throw from our Mansions on Fifth Hotel and the Northside location on Western Avenue is close to our Priory Hotel. Definitely worth a visit if you're staying with us.

Fort Pitt Coffee and Gasoline Street Coffee are new-ish independent coffee houses off the beaten path downtown and both get our pick-me-up recommendation.

And if we're allowed to be biased, which I guess we are since this is our post and 2020 has no rules, our Priory Fine Pastries on East Ohio Street didn't make the list for coffee shops but that doesn't mean they don't make a mean cup of joe (or latte or cappuccino) AND you can get a fresh baked pastry to go along with it. Starbucks ain't pulling that off.

Read the entire list with write-ups on the discovertheburgh.com website.

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